FrightPix and PopcornFlix Release New Horror Movies and Contests!


Do you follow FrightPix and PopcornFlix on Facebook yet? If not you should hurry over.

They’re both giving away a Roku and a Halloween themed goodie basket! Haven’t heard of FrightPix or PopcornFlix? Both are sites that let you stream movies for free. Frightpix alone has over 400 movies already. Head over to their Facebook pages and win yourself some swag. Make sure to download their apps (or stream online) to catch some awesome films not available on Netflix.

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Every year, network TV and cable channels replay the same old horror films. There’s a time and place for blockbuster horror films, but for fright fans who are ready for a new treat this Halloween, PopcornflixTM and FrightPixTM offer hundreds of creepy horror films – 100% free and available for streaming anytime. The fright film library includes obscure scary flicks, Asian horror films and campy classics from indie production companies like Troma Entertainment.

FrightPix and Popcornflix are free streaming services from Screen Media Ventures, LLC, the largest independent distributor of motion pictures to the worldwide television market. Cult horror classics from Frightpix and Popcornflix can be streamed on TVs with a Roku device or iPhones, iPads, iPods or Android tablets and smartphones. Fright fans can also stream thrills and chills on their Xbox 360 game consoles. Additionally, Popcornflix is available on Samsung, Panasonic and Bravia connected TVs.

FrightPix alone has more than 400 horror titles, which have attracted the attention of horror film blogs and social sites like and Gores Truly: The only challenge is choosing what to watch. Viewers can select from a variety of categories, including Scary Good, Creature Feature, Slasher and Zombies.

Fright fans who are looking for obscure horror titles can check out movies like “Aaah! Zombies,” which offers a new twist on the classic zombie flick – the zombie perspective! For a classic horror film that won’t be rebroadcast every year, horror buffs can check out “Bloodsucking Freaks,” which features the sinister Sardu, Master of the Theatre of the Macabre. For Asian horror fans (J-Horror or K-Horror), FrightPix offers many titles, including “The Coffin,” in which an unlucky couple must find a way to stop a terrible curse, and “The Attic,” a haunting mystery starring Elizabeth Moss – Peggy on “Mad Men.”

“There are so many great horror films out there that are a fun alternative to the same old fare served up by the networks,” said David Fannon, Executive Vice President at Screen Media Ventures. “With titles like ‘Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator,’ ‘Hide and Go Kill,’ the Coffin Joe series and the Daimajin trilogy all available for free on Popcornflix and FrightPix, there’s no reason for fright fans to nod off to yet another Halloween nightmare on any street. It’s time to try something new, and the price is right – free!”

As ad-supported platforms, Popcornflix and FrightPix include pre-roll, spot ads and banner ads with each feature film, giving content and advertising partners a great opportunity to connect with a next-generation movie audience that prefers to stream content wherever and whenever they choose. PopcornflixTM and FrightPixTM are trademarks of Screen Media Ventures, LLC. All rights reserved.

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PopcornflixTM is a service of Screen Media Ventures LLC, a leading global independent motion picture distribution company with a broad distribution network that includes U.S. and international theatrical, home video, television, cable and new media distribution, with one of the largest independently owned motion picture libraries. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit,, and

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