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Red Vampire Contacts used at one of Gores Truly’s Zombie Shoots

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time for the costume panic to set in. Picking a costume up from the store? Making your own? Either way, one perfect way to make sure you have a well-rounded and made-to-impress costume for the Halloween season is to rock contacts with it. Our favorite contact supplier is Spookyeyes.com – check out some of our favorite lenses below with suggested Halloween costume pairing.

Black Contact Lenses –  Perfect for demons, witches. or creepy dolls. But please don’t come near us as a creepy doll.

Green Werewolf Contacts – Didn’t heed the warning and stay off the moors? Then these werewolf contacts will be perfect for your costume.

Bloodshot Eye Contacts – Perfect for zombies – make sure you couple these with some rotting flesh accents.

So head on over to Spookyeyes.com and pick up your pair soon to assure October 31st arrival!

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