Trailer: Housebound

Director/Writer: Gerard Johnstone

Starring: Morgana O’Reily, Rima Te Wiata, and Glen-Paul Waru

Thoughts: I just found out about Housebound, a horror/comedy/thriller and I couldn’t be more excited.  The basic premise is that a delinquent Kylie Bucknell (Morgana O’Reily) is committed to the home she grew up in by the courts as a punishment. She is forced to live with her mother Miriam (Rima Te Wiata), is not permitted to go beyond the front gate or use the telephone, and has to endure her mother’s theories that the house is actually haunted.

Kylie dismisses her mother, as one would, but eventually begins witnessing things that cannot be explained. She wonders if she has inherited her mother’s overactive imagination, or if the house is possessed by something that is displeased that she has come back to the house. Kylie’s home detention security guard Amos (Glen-Paul Waru) is conveniently ghost-obsessed, and together the trio begin to unravel just what is going on at the home. Kylie is forced to re-evaluate her behavior and her damaged relationship with her mother.”

So basically it sounds like a heartfelt, enjoyable film that also happens to have ghosts/evil spirits/good times. I have to share the fact that the promotional art looks like this:

Spooky, no?

Spooky, no?

Currently out in theaters and available on iTunes October 17 in the US, so check it out!

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