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With only a few days left of his crowd-funding campaign, Rob Zombie took some time to chat with Starfish for Gores Truly about his upcoming flick, 31. This film is sure to leave any coulrophobiac crying in the corner of the theatre and the rest of us on edge.


STARFISH: Clowns – the characters that leave some shaking at the thought. What was writing the clown posse of 31 like? How will they differ from your other hard to swallow antagonists?

ROB ZOMBIE: It was like writing anything else – I try to come up with characters that are interesting and stand out from each other. I always write my antagonists as having a thought process and not just as killing machines. In the past, I have tried to make them slightly sympathetic. 31 is different. These clowns are pretty despicable.

 STARFISH: What are your thoughts on clowns? Are you afraid of them?

ROB ZOMBIE: I have always found clowns really fascinating, especially on film. Even as a kid I was never scared of them. I grew up on clowns like Lon Chaney. I was always interested by clowns and thought “what exactly am I watching?” Still, I have always found them kind of disturbing in some way.

STARFISH: Alex Horley has provided us a sneak peak of the heads (the clown posse). Are there any interesting character aspects you can share about the heads?

ROB ZOMBIE: At this point, it is still pretty vague. There are maybe some character aspects, but I don’t want to get into it because the script keeps twisting and turning. Each clown is very different. They are not meant to be funny or wacky in any way. It is a pretty dark film and the clowns are vile and humorless.

STARFISH: Your previous films play on horror over-sensitivities. Can we expect the same in 31?

ROB ZOMBIE: I don’t like the fact that people are supposed to think horror movies have a way things should go. I always try to do the exact opposite of what people expect and want. Some people love it . . . some people hate it. People do not come away from my films thinking “oh, I was expecting that.” With Salem, I was shooting things a certain way and when it seemed it was following suit with typical horror, I changed the way I was shooting. I want people to have a different experience.

STARFISH: There has been a lot of talk about 31 being a contained film. What were your thoughts behind making this decision?

ROB ZOMBIE: Every time I make a movie I have too many characters and too many locations. Even with Devil’s Rejects, I thought the motel room was so intense, but the film had multiple locations.

I am setting 31 in one location to make it really claustrophobic. That’s what I liked most about The Shining. . . I felt like I was in the hotel by the end. I want Murder World (the setting of 31) to have the same outcome – for people to leave feeling like they are there. That really fucks with your head.

STARFISH: There are lots of awesome options for the crowd funding effort. What was the driving force behind the fan involvement aspect of the crowd funding?

ROB ZOMBIE: One of the main things that made me decide to do it was the fact that most of the rewards we are offering are the things that people have asked me for after the fact for previous films. These things aren’t possible after the fact. With this, I thought, it’s fun to get people actually involved. Fulfilling some of the requests I have gotten over the years from the fans. Someone even said the other day that they wanted a hoodie, so we made a hoodie. It’s all about what the fans want.

 STARFISH: As you are coming to the close of the crowd funding effort – are there any outcomes that you weren’t expecting?

ROB ZOMBIE: I guess the thing from the crowd funding I didn’t expect is how excited people would be to get involved. I didn’t think there would be so much enthusiasm. People are really excited that they are part of something before everyone else.

I remember going to a convention and getting something for The Creature before the movie even came out. People like being part of something new.


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Since its start on July 31, the campaign has brought fans all kinds of bad ass rewards including clown apparel, goodies from Zombie’s other horror flicks, and a Lifetime Laminate to all Rob Zombie events. The campaign has not only created quite the buzz for 31 but also gives fans some bragging rights for getting involved with something before everyone else.

Want in on the crazy? Head over to RZ-31.com to participate and score one of the many creepily awesome rewards for contributing. You have until this Friday, October 31 to get in on it.


About the Author: While prone to a world of glitter and fancy (not the vampire kind), Starfish can’t peel herself away from a mind-twisting horror flick. She loves mental thrillers as well as classic vamps, witches, and hauntings. The weirder and bloodier  . . . the better. When not taunting others with her sarcasm and sass, Starfish can be found at her sewing machine, cooking delicious vegetarian treats, or enjoying some Jack Daniels.



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