Creepy Crafts: Halloween Cat-o-lanterns, Spooky Centerpieces, and More

This year, Boris and Meg both got crafty and made some creepy DIY creations for Halloween.

Boris and her mother were inspired by a picture of black cat jack-o-lanterns and decided to recreate their own versions. Meanwhile, Meg has been busy crafting for an epic Halloween party. We hope your inner creative demon is inspired by the cat-o-lanterns, festive center pieces, spooky bouquets, and bloody aprons!

 Black Cat Jack-O-LanternsBlackCats

Cat-stuffSupplies & Tools:

  • Pumpkins of varying sizes for bodies and heads
  • Thick craft foam
  • Black exterior (or interior/exterior or floral) spray paint
  • Tails (You can use other gourds or get some cheap cat tails from your local costume shop. I used a cat tail and a fluffy raccoon thing – old and forgotten accessories from my parent’s costume collection.)
  • Knife
  • Tea light candles or LED lights



Step 1: Set up your work area with newspapers or a tarp you don’t mind getting painted. Make sure you have created a safe spray zone that is well ventilated (outside is ideal).

Step 2: Cut out some triangular cat ears from the craft foam, making sure that you leave a rectangular base so that you may secure them on top of the cat head.

Step 3: Designate which pumpkins will be the heads and then cut the tops off and gut them like the beginnings of a traditional jack-o-lantern carving.holes in head

Step 4: Carve out the eyes. You could do these without guidance or find a template online. I did a quick free-hand  penciling of the eyes before I start carving them. Do interesting cat eye shapes, slits, or stick to the styles shown above.

Step 5: Place the ears as far or close apart as you would like and then trace the bottom of the ears so that the rectangle may easily slide into the hole you are about to cut open.

20141019_180047Step 6: Stuff some newspaper into the eyes but make sure not too much to avoid newspaper drooping onto your pumpkin when spray painting begins.

Step 7: Fit the head on so that the cat is facing where you want it to face. Perhaps a quizzical head tilt or maybe a straight on stare? Begin spray painting everything black, including the tail(s) which are chilling by the wayside.tion

Step 8: Let it dry. Really, really let it dry.

Step 9: Place them on your front porch, by your drive-way, in your window, or wherever else you’re inspired to have black cats!Then, lift the heads to situate your candles or tea lights (if using candles, best to have them in some type of glass or at least on a dish to keep the wax in check) on the pumpkin body.

Tips: If you’re in a hot and sunny climate, make sure you don’t keep your cat-o-lanterns in the sun during the day. Black paint + pumpkins + direct sunlight and heat are not going to preserve your cat-o-lanterns for very long.

 Also, if you want to stabilize the cat head, jam a few plant stakes in the body so that they fit just inside the hole of the pumpkin head.



Halloween Centerpieceshalloween_centerpiece_done


Supplies & Tools:

  • Foam pumpkins (I chose black – feel free to get creative! They offer them in orange and white as well.)
  • Spiderwebs, one 200-ft bag should be plenty. (I made ten, if you’re only making one feel free to buy a smaller bag.)
  • Red roses
  • Leaves (Fake, available in your local fabric store.)
  • Bag of eyeballs
  • Spiders
  • Hot glue
  • Black plate (1 to 10, however many pumpkins you have should = same number of plates.)
  • Additional trimmings (I chose skulls and skeleton hands, as well as the wooden Halloween wording plates from a craft store.)halloween_centerpiece


Step 1: Hot glue pumpkin to the plate.

Step 2: Glue leaves around the bottom of the plate protruding out of the pumpkin.

Step 3: Glue eyeballs into roses.

Step 4: Attach roses and trim with leaves.

Step 5: Adorn with skeleton hands, heads, etc.

Step 6. Wrap the pumpkin in spiderwebs. Feel free to glue these to the underneath of the plate for stability  – no one will see it.

Step 7: Attach spiders!

Halloween “Boo-quets”


Supplies & Tools:

  • White and black fabric roses
  • Bag of eyeballs
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon (Any spooky color of your choice)
  • Spiders
  • Red  paint



Step 1: Take the white roses outside, place them in a disposable cup. Splatter with blood! Or red paint. Whichever.

Step 2: Glue eyeballs into the black roses (or the white ones if you wish).

Step 3: Combine the black and white roses when dry.

Step 4: Wrap tightly with ribbon  & secure with glue.

Step 5: Seal with a spider.

Caterer Outfits

Having caterers at your Halloween event? Or spending some time serving guests yourself? A simple thing to do is order cheap white aprons from Amazon and have some fun with red paint. Bonus points if you can find a kid willing to let you paint their hand for the creepy , child-sized, bloody hand print effect!


If you find the time and inspiration to craft these projects or something similar we’d love to see your work! Please share  your pictures with us on the Gores Truly Facebook page!

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