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The Moon-Rays 

Interview by Michael Gavin (The Paranormal Paparazzi)


The darker sounds of The Moon-Rays return with a brand new horror themed release this October!  In anticipation of this Halloween treat, we chatted with Moon-Rays founder Scott Menching.

GAVIN:  Could you describe The Moon-Rays’ sound/style?

MOON-RAYS: The Moon-Rays’ style has always been a combination of surf and jazz like some of Mancini’s stuff in the early 60’s, only a little more sinister sounding.

GAVIN:  When did the Moon-Rays  crawl from the crypt (when the band get its start)?

MOON-RAYS:  In the mid 90’s when the “cocktail craze” was on Greg, Terry, and myself were in a band called the Atomic Martini’s. We recorded the theme from Creature Features in 1999 and it themoonraysgot such good response the studio we recorded at asked us to do an album. Most of the songs on Thrills and Chills (our first recording) were songs we performed live as the Martini’s. That was the beginning. Out of the few originals on the album, one got picked up for a film called Dr. Horrors Erotic House of Idiots by Paul Scrabo. That led to a second album, The Ghouls Go West, two songs off that were used in films and the first album won best surf based album of the year in the JPF Indie awards in California. Over ten years we recorded a total of four albums for that studio.

GAVIN:  What drove the decision for the style of music?

MOON-RAYS:  A lot of it had to do with the lineup of musicians. Most of the Moon-Rays were fans of swing and jazz as much as rock, oldies, and pop. We’re all children of the 60’s and have a love for the Monster boom that happened then. We all built the Aurora models, read Famous Monsters, and of course watched Creature Features and Shock Theater religiously.

GAVIN:  Something Wicked is the first release in six years – could you tell us a bit about the project?

MOON-RAYS: I wasn’t going to do another Moon-Rays album, I thought the band had run its course but I started receiving some interesting emails from places like Japan and Europe saying they had heard some of our songs and were wondering when we were going to record again. We never did an album really geared to the Halloween crowd, it was always mixed with other stuff, so we talked about it and started writing again. It was about that time we met Gerry Cote from Rough Draft Studios and he wanted to back the album, so how could we say no!

GAVIN: What’s next for The Moon-Rays?

MOON-RAYS:   I’m not sure quite yet but I’ve always wanted to re-create a 1930’s radio show like Lights Out or Inner Sanctum. I think it would be fun to write music for that and have the band do the script!!!


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