Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection

Originally published by Zombie Apocalypse Defense Force on October 6, 2014, written by (our very own) Fox Emm. Reposted with Permission.

Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection was presented as the collected field notes of Dr. Robert Twomby. From the beginning, the book is written as if it were a combination journal and research note collection. We find out that Dr. Twomby was a blood specialist and that he was an avid bird watcher. Being a bird watcher is both relevant to and interesting to the reader because it means that the field notes contain detailed, lifelike drawings and sketches of subjects, objects, and locations from the notes.

Bird Watching Sketches Lead To...

Bird Watching Sketches Lead To…

Zombie Watching Sketches.

…Zombie Watching Sketches.

The book was very enjoyable and engaging. The stream of consciousness, journalistic style means that there were sometimes gaps in the narrative details which were absent. These lapses had to be filled in by the reader, but I liked that! The notes are detailed enough that the facts that aren’t provided came easily. Plus, the details which were omitted aren’t significant to the plot. (Not learning what the narrator looks like or about his life prior to the infection doesn’t cost us much.)

The plot follows a story line that most zombie fans will consider fairly standard. The narrator starts out holed up in one location and then decides to migrate in order to join other survivors. Thankfully, the method of delivery and the narrator’s character keep the story fresh and enjoyable.

You can check out a free sample of the book on Amazon, and if you have Kindle Unlimited you can borrow the book for free! It was a really fun, interesting read.

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