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Today’s review is a twofer! I found that after reading the first of Lia Scott Price’s Vampire Guardian Angels comics that I was looking for more. This was in part because book one was enjoyable and left me wanting more, but in part because (potential spoiler alert) there weren’t any vampire guardian angels in book one. It is much to my delight a bloody mess, but it left me a bit disappointed by the lack of vampires. It more than made up for it in book 2, however! Also, to clear this up before you begin reading. The comics aren’t about vampires who are functioning as guardian angels – it is instead about guardian angels who become vampires. It might sound like the same thing, but they are actually incredibly different!

Entertainment 5/5          Art & Lettering 5/5

If you don’t mind blasphemy, enjoy gore, and are okay with elements of B-movie logic you’ll enjoy this series. It’s an action-based, dramatic story and the art is excellent (see below). The coloring approach is fun as well, relying on black and white with occasional accent colors like red or dark greens. I like the simplicity of the color choices and think that having so many details added in black and white keeps the reader from feeling like they are missing out on more colorful artwork. Not only that, but I think that using a limited number of accent colors serves the purpose of drawing the readers’ attention where it is especially wanted which makes for a better reading experience overall.


Originality 5/5

I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything like this story. Volume 1/The Guardian reminds me more of a gritty police action movie that just so happens to have a supernatural stripe more than it does a comic or graphic novel based on the plot alone. This could possibly stem from the fact that the comic was a novel prior to being a comic, or from Lia Scott Price’s writing influences, it is difficult to say. The second comic takes a dramatic turn to the paranormal and features vampires and angels within the first series of pages.

Flow/Ease of Reading 5/5

The story, while not necessarily believable in parts, was easy enough to follow. There are definitely some spots that lack the necessary suspension of disbelief in order to move forward (Ex. You can identify those who have been reincarnated based on the fact that they have the same name in their new lives. Convenient!), but generally speaking the story flows well and is logical in its rather linear progression.

Overall Rating 5/5

These comics were very quick reads and a lot of fun. Both are available for free download with a Kindle Unlimited subscription through Amazon. If you have a subscription I would highly suggest taking a look at these if only because of their entertainment value. They don’t do a lot to add to the vampire mythos (maybe more is built upon it later), but they are a fun way to kill some time nevertheless. Click below to be taken to the Amazon listings.

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