Kickstarting Horror: Interviewing a creator of E.N.D.

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END the Movie is a zombie feature film that has been in the works for going on three years. It is the brain child of Federico Greco, Domiziano Cristopharo, Luca Alessandro, and Allegra Bernardoni. Their project is one of the many seeking crowd support, but they have an advantage. Two-thirds of the movie has already been completed, except for mastering steps such as audio mixing and color correction.

The story seems to be unique, despite the fact that it features the contemporary horror staple: zombies. The focus of the movie will be the lives of the same characters over the course of ten years of a zombie infection. That aspect reminds me slightly of the premise of 28 Days Later & 28 Weeks Later in that they will be following the same outbreak. I hold out a lot of hope for this project, as the first two acts have both done very well at film festivals in Italy and other parts of Europe.

I reached out to Greco, one of the creators of END, to chat more about the project.

FOX:  Was END imagined as a full length feature when the day zero short was filmed?

GRECO:  At the beginning, it was imagined as a tv series, with a very complex subject.  The movie is going to tell only a small part of the whole story we have in our minds.

FOX: Two of the three planned acts are already shot. Did you use crowd funding for that as well, or was that all possible through sponsorship?

GRECOThey were filmed in a totally independent way, without crowd funding. The first one was produced by Cineteatro, a small cinema school in Rome where I usually teach film direction and script writing. The second one was fully self financed by director/producer Domiziano Cristopharo.

FOX: What was the writing process like for these three acts?

GRECOWe wrote and shot the first act 3 years ago, then some months ago we thought that it could be great to continue the story. In order for the audience to follow the characters of the first act we decided that it would be interesting to keep them out of the second act so that when you find them again ten years later you see they have changed and that their relationships have changed and you’ll wonder what happened to them. You will also wonder what happened to the world that has changed them so much.

FOX: What was it like to follow the same characters for so long?

GRECO:  It was awesome, because as I said it’s not only that they changed; it’s the world around them which changed and forced them to decide who they want to be. When they meet again after 10 years many things have changed and it is very interesting to watch and see how they are the same, and how they responded to the tragedy of the plague.

FOX: As someone who hasn’t seen the first act of the film, what language(s) will be available? (Note: The filmmakers are based in Rome, Italy & Los Angeles, California, USA)

GRECOIt’s simple. We are planning to have the whole film in English.

FOX: What is the project like?

GRECO:  I think it’s coming along. We’re gonna shoot the third act in December and I’m looking forward to doing it because the story is amazing, the actors are perfect, and I have a wonderful team.

FOX: How do you think END will impact current zombie culture or understanding?

GRECO:  Yeah, we thought about zombies in a different way. Especially in the third act. What I can say for the moment (without giving too much away) is that they are Z­Sapiens, and that they have… yes, a kind of their own language. They are not the meanest monsters of our story.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the final product! Check out END the Movie on Indiegogo, Twitter and Facebook to follow its progress.

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