Ernest Undead (2014)

I’m sure I’m not the only horror fan who also enjoyed the arguably ridiculous hilarious antics of actor Jim Varney as Ernest P. Worrell. His career as Ernest spanned from commercials in the 1980s for ad agency Carden and Cherry to Ernest In the Army, which was released in 1998. Ernest Undead ScreengrabVarney continued working after his diagnosis with lung cancer in 1999 (who else didn’t realize he was the voice of Jebidiah ‘Cookie’ Farnsworth from Atlantis: The Lost Empire? Just me?), but to many people Jim Varney will always be Ernest P. Worrell. I suspect that some of those individuals are the writers and cast of the short Ernest Undead which is a dark take on the 1991 film Ernest Scared Stupid. The writer and director Ricky Whitehead dedicates the short to Jim Varney (1949-2000) in the description of the video.

A group of young kids must join forces to resurrect the legendary man in the denim vest, “Ernest,” to help them save their local park from evil old “Trolls” preying on children.

If you remember anything at all about Ernest Scared Stupid, you’ll see the references to the original feature film immediately — Knowhutimean?

Ernest Undead (2014)

Cast & Crew:

Eddie Muscle Malernee as “Ernest”

Savannah, Little Kyle, Little Billy, & Austin as “The Little Creepoids”

Kyle Gilson, Billy Whitehead, Josh Whitehead, Christine Joy, Lasso, and Delfin Lopez.

Written & Directed by Ricky Whitehead

MUA & Set Design: Christine Joy

Filmed & Edited by Ricky Whitehead

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