MST3K Thanksgiving 2014!

MST3K Thanksgiving

I don’t know any horror fan who isn’t also a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, so it is with great pleasure that I announce to our readers that MST3K and Shout Factory are teaming up to bring you another Turkey Day Marathon this year! As well as a pretty sweet Turkey Day Sale for those who are behind in their MST3K collecting – details on the sale can be found here on Shout Factory’s Website.

This is wonderful news for those who will be unable to attend family gatherings, those who would rather spend the day alone watching MST3K, or those who are lucky enough to have fantastic families who would like to watch MST3K with them!

Who needs parades and football when there are lousy movies to be heckled?

Here are details on the ways you can watch:

Livestream on the MST3K Youtube Channel

The MST3K Channel (channel 400) on

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