So Bad It’s Good: Zombeavers (2014)


There are a ton of bad movies floating around out there. A TON. And then there are those bad movies that are so bad they’re actually kind of good. The little crappy gems attempting to shine while being constantly buried under other actual-crap-just-formed-like-gems.

Zombeavers is not a good movie by any means, but it so, so very bad that it’s kind of a good time.

A group of girlfriends head out for a no boys, no phones weekend to Mary’s (Rachel Melvin) cousin’s cabin in the middle of no where. And it just happens that on this same weekend a bunch of jerk-offs driving toxic waste run over a deer causing said waste to fall into the river. It eventually lands on a dam and coats these poor giant puppet beavers with its green sludgy insides. Flash forward and girls’ weekend gets interrupted by their horny boyfriends? And the undead beavers attack.

Yes, that’s pretty much the plot. Throw in a lot of T&A, painfully funny one-liners, and buckets of blood and you have yourself a ridiculous far-fetched movie that is actually pretty enjoyable. Of course, the movie has some pointless plot twists and fly by guest characters that add to the redneck back woods ambiance of the film but the best part is the beavers themselves. Big giant gross looking beaver puppets that prove themselves to be the mafia of the wild – highly organized and super skilled killers.

With the over saturation of both bad movies AND zombie movies now a days it was actually refreshing to watch a film that didn’t take itself too seriously. And the outtakes at the end showed how fun filming this garbage was. Grab some friends, perhaps a drink or seven and make a game out of it. Every time a beaver takes out a person or a body part – drink up!

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