Horror Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Oh, December. The month when you can’t enter a public place without hearing holiday tunes and reminders about how many shopping days there are until Christmas (13 if you are a procrastinator, not that I’m counting). Recently I was asked on Twitter if there is a place that I like to do my spooky Christmas shopping, and I reflected on the list of vendors I’ve bought from this year and the list of vendors who I would purchase from if only I had enough money to make my window shopping habit an actual shopping habit. (If you’ve missed my frequent bouts of ‘I WISH!’ style gushing please check out our Shop ‘Til You Drop Dead tag.) I decided to take that inquiry a bit further and share with the readers of Gores Truly not only a list of online sellers that I like, but links to particular products that I think would make good gifts for the horror fan or gore hound in your life. Now of course every person is different when it comes to what aspects of horror they like, so I tried to avoid getting too far into any one niche and focused on the ‘THAT’S AWESOME!’ knee jerk reaction items. And cool Krampus items, because who doesn’t love Krampus(especially at the one time of year when he’s relevant)?

Now without further delay, I bring you my horrible holiday gift guide of 2014.

This Krampus Scarf can be found at MiddleofBeyond.com and is as festive as it is frightening.


This Krampus Ornament, also from MiddleofBeyond.com, is perfect for those who would like to make their Christmas tree more creepy.


These Krampus Greeting Cards are fun to send, use for DIY projects, or decorate with next year!

Zombie Ornaments

These Zombie Ornaments available from Thinkgeek are equally adorable and disturbing. (Who wouldn’t be charmed by that bloody snowman?)


There are several styles of zombie-themed gnome to choose from on ThinkGeek, including a few undead hunting gnomes. Just to mix it up a bit.


For the person who has everything, a Zombie Hunting Permit from Etsy might do nicely.


This zombie foot dog toy from ThinkGeek is the perfect gift for the horror-loving man’s best friend in your life.


Or, if your furry friend is more into sci-fi there’s always this Alien Facehugger Dog Leash & Harness which is available on Etsy.


If home decor is more your speed this holiday season, consider picking up a blood spatter cutting board for the kitchen from Mzube.


Popsicart on Etsy has a variety of horror-themed 3D art up for sale. The pictured samples are just a small selection of what is offered.

frankmagnet_etsy jasonmagnet_etsy necronomiconmagnet_etsy

Bonesart on Etsy offers spooky and scary magnets from your favorite horror films. The above images are only a small representation of what Bonesart offers!


Universal Monsters: The Essential Collection is available on Blu-Ray through Amazon. For a classic Universal Monster fan this set can’t be beat!

Gorgeous & Gory Cover

 Gorgeous & Gory: The Zombie Pinup Collectionby Jessica Rajs which we reviewed recently would make an excellent gift for a zombie fan who would like an art book or photography book.


American Revenant: Hometown Exodus by John L. Davis IV is the perfect ebook for any zombie-loving bookworms on your list. (I reviewed this book on Zombie Apocalypse Defense Force, so feel free to read my assessment if you’d like more details of what you’d be getting them into.)


Pumpkin Cinema: The Best Movies for Halloween by Nathaniel Tolle is definitely one of the best books out there for finding new and interesting Halloween movies, which means that it is certainly an asset to any horror buff you might know. You can rest assured that even a film aficionado will find a recommendation in this book that they have not seen before and odds are that they will thank you for it. (We reviewed this book earlier this year. Check out the earlier article if you still aren’t convinced!)


Likewise Kellie’s Diary #1 by Thomas Jenner & Angeline Perkins is another interesting start to a zombie series. (A review is posted here so you can see more about the book before you give it to someone else.)

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