Slasher Shorts: Dream Seekers Productions – The Beast & Daniel

It’s been awhile since Gores Truly has given love to short filmmakers. And thanks to Dream Seekers Productions we now have another favorite short filmmaker — Peter Dukes. Check out two of his short films below and head over to the official Facebook and website and follow his latest projects.

The Beast


Starring: Bill Oberst Jr,, Peter Le Bas, and Alexander Le Bas

Every parent struggles with the changes their teenagers go through. But what if instead of simply facing the trials that come with puberty, you had to deal with a child that was also turned? And how far would you go to save your him? Or youself? The Beast, a short directed by Peter Dukes, seeks to anwser that question.

Bill Oberst plays Michael, a father whose son Jacob is about to change into something very..very un-human. When your own flesh and blood feasts on the flesh and blood of others where does is the line between being a good parents and a good human drawn?

For a film shot in a single day on a budget of $700 The Beast is rather impressive. The dark hues of the film and simple yet effective scoring add something haunting to the film. And where it lacks to deliver in special effects (namely the werewolf) it more than makes up for it in atmosphere.



In another short directed by Peter Dukes, a young boy Daniel is seen hiding in a closet from intruders. As the potentially dangerous men search for him eagerly, passing the corpse of his mother and his very distraught and restrained father, we find out that perhaps maybe Daniel shouldn’t be the one hiding after all.

It isn’t easy to tell a story in less than three minutes. Without time to develop characters and back stories it’s almost impossible to tell a tale that can surprise viewers. However, Daniel managed to achieve this. The slow panning of the camera and interesting angles all help play into the big reveal on why Daniel was really hiding. Although the acting isn’t phenomenal, the storytelling is quite clever.

 Care to check out other films by Peter Dukes? Than head over to Dream Seekers Productions.

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