Merry Cthulhumas! Cthulhu Crafts for Christmas

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Merry Cthulhumas is the greeting offered by Maika from & She put a scary twist on a vintage Christmas ornament wreath how to, and was able to create something wholly evil and entirely unique for what would otherwise be an average Christmas tree. I contacted her to ask a few questions about the process and what prompted her to think ‘Cthulhu’ during December.

I appreciate your willingness to talk with Gores Truly about your Cthulhumas decorations. I saw in one of your posts that in addition to the Cthulhu based tree and wreath you have also created Cthulhu-inspired cookies for the occasion. That’s a lot of tentacles! Based on the descriptions of the tree and wreath I’ll assume you’re a fan of H.P. Lovecraft rather than simply ‘things with tentacles’ or Cthulhu as a broader cultural icon or concept – so it’s based on that assumption that I’d like to ask you the following questions:

F: How long have you been creating highly individual holiday decorations? What spawned Cthulhumas? Do you intend to continue the tradition next year?

M: I’ve been working on Cthulhumas project for four years now. I’ve been a fan of H. P. Lovecraft and Lovecraftian horror for much longer than that, but Cthulhumas didn’t come about until I moved into a home large enough to accommodate a small Christmas tree. I was excited about being able to put up a tree of my own but disinterested in traditional decorations. I’d been accumulating the finger tentacles ( I’ve used for my Cthulhumas project for some time and, as I was puzzling over what I might do with a tree of my own, a few tentacles caught my eye and it occurred to me that they might fit onto the ends of the branches. The idea of an eldritch tree, covered in tentacles and brimming with ancient evil, caused a sudden feeling of unfathomable cosmic dread in the pit of my stomach and ringing in my ears so I knew I was onto something. Now every year I look for new Cthulhumas projects as well as ways to enhance the original tree (last year I made eyes and wings for it and this year the be-tentacled tree-topper). I intend to continue with this for as long at the Great Old Ones will allow it.

F: Do you have any other spooky crafts on the horizon? (For Cthulhumas or otherwise?

M: Between the Cthulhumas wreath creature, the tree and the Cthulhu cookies I just finished making, I think I’ve exhausted my precarious sanity for this year. There’s now so much ancient evil swirling about inside my house that it’s almost impossible to concentrate on anything. My neighbors are probably pretty tired of the endless chanting and occasional screams of abject terror at this point and I’d like the cats to stop walking backwards. However despite all the night terrors, the cracks in the basement floor, and the slime seeping through the walls, I’ve had a lot of fun, so I am considering not waiting until next Cthulhumas to resume dabbling in sinister crafts. I’ve never really been into Valentine’s Day, but I recently started pondering the crafty potential of combining cosmic horror with cheesy romance. So stay tuned. :)

F: What advice would you offer other Cthulhu crafters?

M: I always advise those considering craft times with the Elder Gods to make sure they’ve thoroughly practiced their incantations before starting on the actual projects. The Great Old Ones have high expectations and carelessness isn’t tolerated. Always be on the lookout for items that might be useful in tentacular projects. It’s much easier to have a stash of supplies at the ready to help inspire you and get you started than pleading with an indifference universe for help shopping at the last minute. And if you ever open a closet door in your house and suddenly find yourself looking out at a stormy Innsmouth night, just stay calm, close the door, and go back to it later.

To see more details of each project/the steps required to build your own villainous holiday decorations for next year and beyond check out Maika’s IMGUR albums.

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