Slasher Shorts: Foster Avenue Productions – Presence (2013)

Presence_Poster FINAL

Presence (2013) by Foster Avenue Productions is the first genuinely creepy short film that I have seen in several months. It has done well at a variety of film festivals, and is now available online to stream for free! The short, which was directed/written/produced by Colin MacDonald, follows the life of Kyle (Glen Matthews) as he descends into madness. His struggle is brought on by damage to his hearing which causes him to begin hearing sounds that are imperceptible to the human ear. Overall the short is stunning. The performances of Glen Matthews and Natasha MacLellan are inspired. The short wouldn’t flow as seamlessly and as convincingly as it does without their excellent portrayal of the distress caused by their supernatural circumstances. The short is very quiet, as the viewer experiences some of Kyle’s hearing loss along with him, so the expressiveness of Matthews’ face carries a great deal of weight. MacLellan does exceptionally well during her scenes. I was glued to the screen until the final scenes.

Watch Presence online via Vimeo here

To see more from Foster Avenue Productions you can follow them on Twitter – @fosteravepro, like their Facebook Page, or check out their website! I look forward to seeing more of their work.

The Complete Cast & Crew for the Project is Listed Here

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