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Since you’re reading Gores Truly, it’s probably safe to assume that you are no stranger to the internet. Being familiar with the internet, I’m assuming that you’ve also heard of the subscription box services that have sprung up over the last few years. Loot Crate and Birchbox are two of the first ones that I remember hearing about. (Spoiler alert: they offer two very different subscription services. 😉 ) These days, in addition to the beauty/fashion boxes,  shaving boxes, and tooth brush subscription services there are a variety of horror-themed options such as the Box of Dread by Dread Central, the Horror Block by Nerd Block, and Rotten Rentals by Downright Creepy.

I have to admit, I got pretty excited when I heard about this next subscription – the Parcel of Terror from the Cryptocurium. If the name Cryptocurium sounds familiar, it’s because I did a feature on their awesome Alien/Xenomorph Lifecycle Magnets and Lovecraft wares last year. Now it seems that the handmade artifact aaficionado who is also a horror enthusiast has a subscription service option! Because this month will be the inaugural month for the Parcel of Terror, the contents are being revealed in advance. The items include:

  • Cthulhu Wall Plaque (This is different than the ones featured in our previous Shop Til You Drop Dead and is exclusive to this box)
  • Gummy Alien Egg
  • Slenderman Print
  • Jason Voorhees Magnet
  • Anatomical Heart Keychain (cute & grotesque!)
  • Bloody Skull Pin
I need this Jason Magnet more than words can express.

I need this Jason Magnet more than words can express.

In the future the box will include T-shirts and other wearable goodies, and will be mostly a surprise. (Occasional teasers/leaks will probably be posted on the Cryptocurium Twitter.) I love supporting small businesses, artists, and beyond that the fact that there is going to be a SLASHER COLLECTION and Lovecraft goodness in every box has me giddy. I am seriously considering pouncing on this opportunity! I can’t get on board with many subscription services because random cheap crap in a box is not my cup of tea, but I feel better about this because it’s art! (…and gooey candy!)

All the details can be found here on the Cryptocurium website, but if you’d rather not click away just yet – the cost of the box is $35.00 which includes shipping and any relevant tax. (And of course we can’t forget Paypal fees!) The deadline to order for this inaugural box/to start subscriptions is January 30th, so don’t delay if you’re interested!

If you sign up, share your pictures with Gores Truly when you open it so that we can be appropriately jealous!

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