Slasher Shorts: Bundle of Nerves

Last year, I backed a little project called The Mortuary Collection and have been following their progress through social media and Kickstarter updates. I knew they were taking a quick break from working on  that project to spend a few days working on a short as part of a Legendary Pictures promotional campaign for Guillermo del Toro’s newest project CRIMSON PEAK. According to Ryan Spindell, ” Our task was to make a short horror film in one day using an elaborate gothic mansion set that was built on the Youtube sound stages here in Los Angeles.” The finished product? A short monster comedy.

Bundle of Nerves

BUNDLE OF NERVES is a short horror comedy that pays homage to the classic pulp films of yesteryear, but with a comedic twist. The film revolves around two small town cops who are so used to fighting supernatural creatures, that battling a giant monster is just another day on the job. It’s a film that celebrates friendship, family and slime-sucking tentacles from the great beyond.

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