Annabelle Blu-Ray Review: Available January 20th

Everything has a history. Everything has a story. Annabelle, starring the doll who haunted fans of The Conjuring finally, has her story told this January 20th with the Annabelle Blu-Ray release. Director John R. Leonetti, writer Gary Dauberman and producers James Wan and Peter Safran tell their version of the tale of how the infamous doll, currently housed at the Warren Occult Museum and religiously blessed by a priest, came to terrorize Donna, a nursing student in the 1970’s. Prior to being found in a thrift store we learn Annabelle was actually part of a growing family. A gift from John Form to his pregnant wife Mia to complete her doll collection. However Mia’s joy of receiving this beautiful vintage doll was quickly cut short when their home was invaded by members of a satanic cult, Disciples of the Ram, including their neighbor’s daughter Annabelle Higgins. As the police arrive and Annabelle dies with the doll in her arms, Mia and John’s lives take a dark turn neither of them could have expected.


Annabelle is not a fast paced movie. It’s slow but at points purposeful, occasionally making up for what it lacks in scripting and blatant scares with the haunting long shots that James Wan had perfected in both Insidious and The Conjuring. Where we might be given a glimpse the characters are not – the darkness and activity that is building up around them, just outside the characters’ vision, adds an air of creepiness and suspense. And while it may not be as terrifying as its predecessor, it does tip its hate to the time period with homages to the growing media frenzy over cult activities and how the time where doors were kept unlocked slowly came to an end.  Not one of my favorite films, Annabelle still left quite an impact on audiences world wide and the Blu-Ray is well worth the price for them. The extras provide some additional history on both Annabelle and demonic dolls as well as a few deleted scenes for those craving some more story around Annabelle and her demonic possessor.

Interested in picking up a copy of your own? Head over to the Warner Brother’s Shop or Amazon and pick up your copy of Annabelle on Blu-Ray.

Blu-Ray Extras:

  • The Curse of Annabelle
  • Bloody Tears of Possession
  • Dolls of the Demon
  • A Demonic Process
  • Deleted Scenes

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