Romantic Horror Movies for Valentine’s Day

It’s the time of year when our trips to the store are bombarded by roses and pink furry things. Every commercial on television is either about diamonds, chocolate, or chocolate diamonds. Yes that Hallmark bastardization of the Lupercalia, the roman festival to honor Lupercus – think a whole bunch of werewolves and fucking, is upon us. And no matter if you’re spending this Valentine’s Day alone or with a loved one, we have some pretty awesome suggestions of horrific,  albeit romantic, horror movies for you to indulge in this year. In no particular order…


Feeling a little sluggish this V-Day? Maybe a little undead? Then Fido, Warm Bodies, Life After Beth, Shaun of the Dead, Dead Alive or My Boyfriend’s Back just might be up your reanimated ally. Each of these movies pairs either a couple against zombies or a zombie couple against the world.


Classic Horror:

Nothing’s more romantic than Dracula. Or something. Universal Monster movies are actually chock full of the touchy-feels. The Wolfman is a tale about how Larry Talbot falls in love with Gwen Conliffe but you know . . . that whole werewolf thing gets in the way. And even The Bride of Frankenstein features love. Regardless of whether or not it was reciprocated by the Bride herself.



 Modern Classic Horror:

Looking for something a little more recent? You can’t go wrong with Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Underworld or Let the Right One In/Let Me In. Even films like May have their romantic side. I mean who doesn’t want the perfect man?


 80’s/90’s Horror:

And although all the above movies we highly recommend and love – there is nothing better than some 80’s romantic horror. For instance, Frankenhooker – where a guy accidentally kills his girlfriend and uses super crack to piece her body back together with random hooker parts. Now that. Is. Love. And lets not forget about Fright Night. Seriously – Charlie fights Jerry freaking Dandridge to save his love, Amy, from the clutches of vampiric evil. We recommend the original of course but there’s always the remake.


Whatever you choose to watch or do this Valentine’s Day, we hope you have a bloody good time.

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