There’s a New Alien Movie on the Horizon

There’s confirmation that 20th Century Fox has closed a deal with director Neill Blomkamp for a new Alien movie. Completely separate from Fox’s Prometheus 2 project with Ridley Scott, this new movie is set to take place after the events of Prometheus 2. Both films are being produced through Scott’s production company Scott Free.

Some very big questions still loom for the plot of this new Alien movie, some of which will likely depend heavily on where the story line in Prometheus 2 ends but rumor has it that it will also fall into the timeline as a prequel to the well loved Alien franchise. Also unconfirmed is the involvement of actress Sigourney Weaver in the new film. Neill Blomkamp has certainly expressed his desire to involve her, but if this movie is indeed a prequel the 36 years since her role as Ripley may prove to be a bit of challenge for the story. One thing is certain for sure, it will be exciting to see how the stories unfold and fit together.

Um… So I think it’s officially my next film. #alien

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