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Synopsis from IMDB:
“A kidnapped young woman is forced on a road trip full of murder and mayhem that takes place entirely in her captor’s getaway van.”

If you saw my previous post/press release blurb about VANISH, then you know I was really excited to see how Maiara Walsh, Tony Todd (Who will forever in my mind be the Candyman), and Danny Trejo could combine in an action packed, bloody mess of a movie. Based on the premise I had read previously, that Maiara Walsh would be playing the daughter of Mexican drug lord Danny Trejo, I expected that Trejo would be a more prominent figure in the film than he actually was. That being said, although VANISH was different than my expectations, I LOVED the movie. Although the movie was touted as being “full of murder and mayhem”, there were actually far more scenes which required me to think and try to process rather than simply watching a blood bath. (Though, let’s be honest, I enjoy a good blood bath, too.)

VANish Still

Walsh’s performance was stellar, and I happily now put her near the top of my list of favorite scream queens. She portrayed Emma with all the sass, intelligence, and fierceness that the role required – and she did so incredibly convincingly. All of the actors in the film were wonderful, but Walsh by far stole the show with her authentic portrayal of a somewhat twisted young woman committed to survival. If you liked Infliction (2014), then odds are that you will love VANISH. There is action, there is gore, there is a sense of mystery and a persisting ‘who done it’ feel as the audience is led through the series of events and must piece together the motivations for Emma’s kidnapping and other events which unfold. Todd played a minor role in the film, comparable to that of Trejo, which was mildly disappointing but understandable given the character that he played.


Unlike many films in the horror/crime/drama genres, this film has a satisfying conclusion that doesn’t leave the audience asking questions. I also appreciate that the movie didn’t leave me anticipating a sequel due to a cliffhanger ending, which has become a rather tired trope in the action genre which left me yearning for a film that was capable of telling the entire story in one sitting and tying off all of its loose ends.

You can find VANISH on iTunes, DVD, Blu-ray and VOD. – I highly recommend checking it out!

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