Jekyll and Hyde at Poltimore House (Devon, England)

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Jekyll and Hyde Review by Grim Rick Reaper

Let me set the scene for you.  It’s 7pm on a cold, dark evening in Devon, England.  The moon is full and shining in an orange hue as small wisps of cirrus cloud blur its menacing intent.  We creep up the long drive to the derelict manor house known as Poltimore. Tonight, this manor will be our theatre.  Four of Swords, an award winning theatre company from Exeter, have returned with their spectacular version of Jekyll and Hyde.  You could not have a better location for this immersive theatre.  Poltimore has a long and rich history with parts of the huge building showing architecture from Tudor, Georgian, to post war when it was used as a hospital.  The great hall was used to sign the treaty of the Southwest following the civil war in 1646.


The evening starts with the audience congregating in the old chapel to the left of the mansion where we are met and led to the first scene by Mr Poole, Dr Jekyll’s servant.  He acts as our guide and narrates as he leads us through the mansion to the various scenes.  Jekyll  is played by Four of Swords co-founder Philip Kingslan John.  His physical transformations are staggering as he wretches and convulses between Jekyll and Hyde.  The play is accompanied by a group of gypsy jazz styled musicians adding to the tension and suspense as Jekyll’s story unfolds.  As the characters shift around the house, you enter rooms unsure of who awaits you – mild mannered Doctor Jekyll or the devilish Mister Hyde. One of the great parts of the evening was realising the Jekyll’s lab, lit in Victorian styled lamps was actually the decommission hospital operating theatre from the 1940’s.


If you’re anywhere near Devon, England, get over to the Poltimore this weekend for a fantastic immersive theatrical experience! Four Of Swords are running their unique performance of Jekyll and Hyde for just two more nights – March 13th and 14th.

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