Slasher Shorts: Horror Block Short-Film Festival

Have you heard about the Horror Block Short Film Festival aka the Monstrous Movie Contest?

Have you heard about the Horror Block Short-Film Festival aka the Monstrous Movie Contest? It’s a film festival and contest by Horror Block in association with Rue Morgue. The submission deadline for entries is 3/16/15 so we are a bit late on the ball with this one, but there is still plenty of time to check out all of the awesome horror short films and vote for your favorites to get a chunk of the $20,000 total prize winnings!

Voting will extend until March 23rd, so pop over to the Horror Block contest page or Youtube Channel (Look for #HBFILMFEST ) to learn more and check out a few dozen of the coolest ten minute or less short films you have at your fingertips today. Of course, there are hundreds on the site vying for votes, but here is a small selection of the rad things you’ll see:

Cute kids battle the undead in Tales of a 5th Grade Zombie Slayer. There are plans to make this one into a printed comic book, so if zombies, comics, and children being badass is your thing, you can’t miss this one!

The end isn’t near, it’s here now! A devastating virus is spreading around the globe, killing all adults, and infecting millions of children at an epidemic rate. The infected transform into zombies who crave human flesh. Now surviving kids must fight to stay alive by slaying this growing population of flesh-eating corpses.

Evil Lurks in Innocence

A video blogger begins watching his sister and things go downhill in Evil Lurks in Innocence. Don’t read the comments to avoid spoilers on this one!

Evil Lurks in Innocence tells the story of Jeremy, a video blogger who notices erratic changes in his sister Kelly’s behavior. He begins documenting Kelly leading to the harsh reality that an Exorcism must be performed.

Blood Sugar is really in a class of its own. If you enjoy gore-filled, messy horror this one’s for you!

It’s a classic British splatter punk fairy tale of girl meets boy meets geriatric flesh-eating internet predator! Greta is obsessed with modern romantic vampire lore, when she makes contact online with a guy claiming to be a real vampire she thinks she’s met the man of her screams but things really start to suck when she MEATs the family! Inspired by the gory VHS horrors of the 70s / 80s.

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