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Haunted by dreams that appear all too real, Alex reluctantly joins a team of amateur filmmakers in a former undercover DOD research facility to make a film about Dr. Marzena, a mysterious neurologist who disappeared in the 1960s while in the midst of a secret experiment. As members of the crew are transformed into sleepwalkers, Alex discovers that Dr. Marzena is alive inside the building, entrapping her victims in a dream dungeon from which they cannot escape. Caught in the crosshairs of Dr. Marzena’s demonic plan, Alex must embrace her innate powers to save herself and the crew, before it’s too late.

THOUGHTS: The trailer has piqued my interest. Conspiracies, secret facilities, rogue intelligence sectors with a twist of sci-fi horror fit the bill for my kind of late night flick. While The Shells may be Max Finneran’s first feature film, I applaud his intent to create a film centered around “strong and dynamic female roles that defied the “scream queen” model and, unlike the vast majority of contemporary genre flicks, was centered on a dramatic relationship between women.” Hopefully, this film will tell a dark and thought-provoking narrative with a high creep-factor.

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