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Today I’m going to write a bit about the Vampire Mob Graphic Novel/Comic written by Joe Wilson, with art by JM Ringuet and Letters by Deron Bennett. It’s important to distinguish that I am writing about the Vampire Mob graphic novel because it has existed in several incarnations over the course of its existence. Writer Joe Wilson first imagined the story as a short play which would eventually turn into a short film. This spawned the first and second seasons of Vampire Mob as a web series. You can see the complete first and second seasons for free, online here. The series features the hilarious Marcia Wallace (of The Simpsons & other noteworthy productions) and other talents. When she passed in October of 2013, the project was at a loss. How could they possibly continue without the eternally sassy mother in law, Virginia Jones. To put it simply, they could not. That was why the series has continued in graphic novel form. Although the project lost one of its contributors, there was still much more to be told.

The basic plot idea that started Vampire Mob is that Don Grigioni is a hit man for the mafia. He is killed in the line of duty and experiences a “light at the end of the tunnel” sensation. He finds out that there are “business associates” waiting for him in the afterlife, so rather than face them he chooses to become a vampire. In his line of work, he assumes that a blood supply will be easy enough to come by, and he’ll be able to avoid the otherwise inevitable confrontation for eternity. …Except that one day when he’s hungry, he bites his wife Annie. Then his wife, weary of being confined to the house with no one to talk to, bites her mother. Suddenly Don has three mouths to feed, and a load of mother-in-law sass to put up with. Not exactly the eternity he had bargained for.

So now, onto the review!


Vampire Mob is a beautifully illustrated adaptation of a clever, profane, wonderful web series. The entire issue one is available to read online, and if you’ve taken the time to watch the web series linked above then I believe you will thoroughly enjoy the comic version. The art is beautiful and resembles the style on the cover pictured above. If you are familiar with the web series, then you will hear the voices of the actors in every scene. The graphic novel is relatively short, which is why I tend to think of it more as a comic, but there is a great deal of action involved. The first few pages really set the tone for the rest of the book.

If you haven’t seen the short series, the book may not make a lot of sense to you, and it’s possible that you might lose track of a few of the characters. (I’ve noticed that mobsters tend to look similar, in this and in other media.) I would highly recommend watching the series prior to reading the comic.

If the graphic novel is something that you like, there is currently an Indiegogo campaign to fund the creation of the second issue.

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