Why Wolfcop Is My Spirit Animal

If you haven’t heard of WolfCop let me catch you up (or you can read our post about it here). WolfCop is a Canadian horror film by Lowell Dean that was crowd funded on CineCoup. It’s about Lou Garou, an alcoholic kind of fuck-up cop who lives in a tiny rural community of Woodhaven. One day after investigating complaints of occult-like happenings he gets attacked and turned into a werewolf.

And this is where his life takes a 180. You see, man Lou Garou (clever name amiright?) played by Leo Fafard is kind of a loser. Werewolf Lou Garou can rip people’s heads off and is super powered by liquor.



WolfCop is admittedly a little slow in the first half of the movie. But that’s okay – character development and all. And not just Lou, every character in the film from the town conspiracy theorist Willie Higgins (Jonathan Cherry) to sex-on-legs bartender Jessica (Sarah Lind) plays an important role by the end of the movie which may surprise you and leave you as excited for as sequel as I am. Without giving too many spoilers, let’s just say werewolves aren’t the only supernatural issue this town faces.

Lou Garou is my spirit animal. He’s kind of all our spirit animals. We are all slackers on the inside waiting for our opportunity or motivation to kick ass and take names. As soon as his beast is released he finally finds the drive, will power, and sass he needs to not only turn his life around but save his town.

Do yourself a favor and watch WolfCop as soon as possible. And now that it’s available for streaming on Netflix? No excuses.

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