IKYMI: Attack on Titan Trailer

If you’ve never heard of Attack on Titan, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? With the anime currently available and the manga series out for ages it looks like the next step is an amazing live action film that will be allegedly split into 2 parts with the first coming to us on Aug 1, 2015.

Attack on Titan and it’s sequel Attack on Titan 2 was directed by non other than Shinji Higuchi, whose work on this was impressive enough to earn him the gig of directing Toho’s anniversary Godzilla. Higuchi has confirmed that while the story will be based on the world and characters of the manga, new characters and new menacing enemies will be introduced as we follow the story of the human devouring Titans and humanity’s struggle to survive. Even without subtitles on the trailer, it’s easy to see why we’re excited about this one.

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