Review: The Ladies of the House (2015)


The Ladies of the House is sure to be an immediate hit with fans of the grindhouse sub-genre of horror. The film is about three men whose birthday excursion to a strip club turns into a fight for their lives when they end up trapped in the home of cannibalistic strippers. Yes, you read right. Cannibal strippers. The film features violence that is necessary rather than gratuitous, and the same can be said for the level of nudity in the film. The style of filming and the appearance of the characters are heavily influenced by the 1950s era and rockabilly fashion styles. Filmmakers Justina Walford & John Stuart Wildman have indicated that the overall look of the movie  and appearance of the characters was heavily based on a showing of work by photographer Richard C. Miller. They hoped to recreate his vivid photographs and the tri-color process in their costume design, set design, lighting, and cinematography.


The action sequences were plentiful, and each scene was ripe with symbolism. This is a film you can easily watch again and again and each time pick up on something new or that you didn’t fully appreciate the first time through. Unlike some of the gore-infused contemporary horror films we have seen recently, this film doesn’t rely on hack and slash actions or jump scares to reel in the audience. Each element of The Ladies of the House was clearly constructed to make the audience think while still delivering the promised blood bath we all eagerly await when picking up a horror title.

THE LADIES OF THE HOUSE - Farah White as 'Lin'

If you see one independently created film this year, make it The Ladies of the House. It is set to release on VOD May 1, 2015 and I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed this film!

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