Trailer: Mansion of Blood


You know what’s been missing from B horror flicks lately? Now I know you’re probably thinking unique scripts, breath-taking practical effects, or even another badass werewolf film. Okay, that last one is probably just me.

But you’d be wrong. B Horror is missing? Gary Busey. Without a doubt every horror film this man is in is BAD. But the kind of over-the-top bad that’s such a train wreck you just can’t look away. Well, worry not. Finally, 2011’s Mansion of Blood is being released at Grayman’s Egyption Theatre on Tuesday May 19th, which means it’s not much longer until it’s available on VOD.

What is Mansion of Blood you ask? It’s a story about a mansion built in 1912 that was recently renovated by Mason Murphy. Of course the mansion is haunted, and of course he hosts the grand opening of said mansion on a night where there is a lunar eclipse. Add some witches, alternative realities, and random monsters and you have? A film that is guaranteed to be So Bad It’s Good.

Check out the super awful trailer below for Mansion of Blood below, and hopefully they will release an updated one soon. With other actors such as Terry Moore (Mighty Joe Young), Carla Laemmle (niece to Universal Studios founder), Robert Picardo (The Howling) joining Gary Busey, you can be sure I won’t miss this one.

I mean, who doesn’t love a train wreck?

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