Kickstarting Horror: Day by Day

Every now and then we stumble across a potentially great horror project on fundraising sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Today was one of those times when we came across Day by Day, an apocalyptic film that follows the travels and trials of Seth Thompson, a backpacker who just happens to be caught in the middle of all the chaos. When a mutating viral infection begins to spread across the world, Seth and those who can survive the resulting infection must learn how to adapt and survive in a whole new environment. What we found most unique about Day by Day is that it promises to take the viewpoint of an apocalyptic scenario away from just a single group and area and shows the global response and impact, albeit through Seth’s journey.


Plus? Day by Day has a couple of cool perks. For only $25 dollars you get digital copy of the pilot and a sneak peek at their soundtrack and the $75 dollar perk  you can  snag yourself a zombie action figure but and  still get a copy of the pilot. Ever wanted to adopt a zombie? Well Day by Day has you covered.

And you know whats awesome? They’re open to perk suggestions. Even better than that? Your donation to this campaign is tax deductible, as they operate as a nonprofit. That’s right, tax breaks AND apocalyptic movies. Bonus!

Check out the Indiegogo trailer below and head over to the official funding page to find out more and donate.

Also be sure to check out Day by Day’s official Facebook, Twitter, Website and IMDB page too.

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