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Technically the title of this post should be “Night Terrors: Augmented Reality Survival Horror” but who has time for that? The goal of the project is to create a highly immersive, photo realistic, augmented reality, survival horror game for mobile devices. (They plan to start with the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, and 6+ before branching out to Android and Windows Phone devices.) The creator of the game is Novum Analytics, which is a collaboration between mobile game developer Bryan Mitchell (Geared) and mobile game producer Bryce Katz (TightWire). The credentials of the individuals involved (and there are several others listed on the IndieGoGo page) are very impressive. Add to that the promises of environment mapping technology to make for a realistic (and completely frightening) experience and the fact that they are using physical effects as opposed to CGI makes this an incredibly promising concept.

One problem with horror games for mobile devices is that things just don’t look real enough. These games often don’t have the budget to hire on high quality CGI developer (or pay for enough hours with a high quality CGI developer to produce the same level of effects they are accustomed to creating), so horror games for mobile devices are often incredibly limited and more silly than scary, which is why this is such a breath of fresh air. Even if we don’t have horrifying giant lizard monsters to contend with, at least with real effects the terrifying things will look like SOMETHING, as in – an actual thing.

Some of the perks they offer if you help promote the project are unreal.

“Facetime: Your face will become the stuff of nightmares when it flashes before the eyes of unsuspecting players during gameplay. Simple technical specifications will guide you through the process of taking a photo. Send the photograph of your face to us and we will turn it into a terrifying subliminal experience.”

“Voice Over Actor: Know that your spoken elements are going to be used as voice-overs for demons in the game. You’ll send us scripted audio, we’ll make it scary, and it might be your voice haunting you during gameplay. Receive a voice-over role in the credits.”

“Deadhead: We’ll take an image scan of your entire head, and we’ll put it atop one of the demons in the game. Different than the face perk, your head will be atop one of the main demons in the game. Watch as a demon with your head moves from room to room stalking you. Seeming you qualify for the voice-over perk, this demons voice will also be your own.”

What the what. My head on a demon? Sign me up! With donation tiers starting at $5 (which includes a download of the game), a horror game fan would be crazy not to jump on this opportunity. Be sure to watch the video on the Indiegogo page to get more details, and more creeped out.

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