Kickstarting Horror: Slay Belles


In order to add some sexiness to that age-old battle of naughty versus nice – the team behind the upcoming film Slay Belles have reached out to the general public to help them finish their film. Slay Belles stars some pretty awesome names such as Barry Bostwick, Diane Salinger, and Richard Moll, as well as Kristina Klebe and Steven Lunsford. The mastermind behind Slay Belles, SpookyDan Walker, is asking for $75,000 to help wrap up the special effects and other aspects of finishing a movie and are offering some pretty sweet perks. These include everything from digital copies of the film, to a horrific Christmas wreath, to being killed off by Krampus himself.

Head over to the Slay Belles Indiegogo Page and learn how you can help support these ladies kick some Christm-ass (Bad, we know).

Plot: It’s Christmas time in a quaint rural town where a chorus of screams drowns out the holiday carols. Krampus is on the loose and he’s making up for lost time by killing his naughty prey. As Krampus is “soul searching”, three urban explorers in all of their hotness, go on an adventure and break into a long shutdown theme park, Santa Land. Unwittingly they find themselves at the scene of the crime where Krampus takes his prey. It’s also where the real live Santa has retired. Now Santa, a crotchety biker-wannabe coping with his faded magical powers, is forced to ally himself with these chicks. The fate of the world is riding on their combination of wits, magic, and spunk to take down Krampus once and for all. If they fail, Krampus will kill Christmas and all of the naughty the world over. Now that’s a lot of people…

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