Maggie (2015)

maggie-posterArnold Schwarzenegger isn’t exactly known for his ability to pull at viewers heart-strings. Pair him with high-paced action and explosions? Sure. But Maggie forced the actor out of his own comfort zone and resulted in a performance that simply and perfectly transitioned the infamous action movie hero into a protective and loving father who is faced with one of the most difficult and painful situations parents never hope to face.

Maggie has been infected, and slowly but surely she is changing from a young girl to a flesh-craving monster. Maggie the movie shows her slow descent into decay and madness, but it’s true star is Wade (played by Schwarzenegger). While the viewer is shown the last few days of a young woman embracing her untimely albeit inevitable death, the more fascinating story is watching her father cope with the loss of his baby girl. After a certain period of deterioration, all of the infected are sent to quarantine camps to die, crammed together despite stages of the disease and eventually executed. In order to save his daughter from this type of ending Wade pulls some strings and is determined to care for her at home until he has to make the gut-wrenching arnold-schwarzenegger-abigail-breslin-maggiechoice between sending her to die at the hands of others, or ultimately at his own.

Maggie is by no means a light-hearted film. Unfortunately, while the cinematography was haunting and brilliant, at times it was perhaps too slow-paced and too dark for traditional viewers of the zombie genre. You won’t see hordes of the undead. You won’t even see much violence and gore. Instead the viewer is faced with a side of the apocalypse that film rarely covers.  One far more intimate and depressing. Covering what exactly happens when the chaos has subsided and our loves ones start to die.

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