Shop til you Drop Dead: Horror Pocket Pop! Collections Are Coming Soon


So we have it from a very reliable source (the official Funko blog) that Funko will be releasing the 10th and 11th in their Pocket Pop! series featuring some of our favorite horror icons. Many of us already love the full size Funko Pop! figures; adorable representations of our horror and pop culture favorites. (My Alien is the pride of my small but ever-growing collection, but my Anthony Hopkins Hannibal is a close second.) These new additions to the expansive line of Funko Pop! offerings will be available October 30, 2015. Just in time for you to line your shelves for Halloween or begin shopping for that special, spooky someone for the holidays.



The 10th features 80s, 90s, and more contemporary horror favorites like Ghost Face, Chucky, and Billy. All of the above characters will be adding to their representation in Funko’s many lines. Jason, Freddy, and Sam make up set 11, which could be argued as the more desirable of the two. An afternoon spent re-enacting Freddy vs. Jason in adorable miniature form doesn’t sound like wasted time, to me!




Horror fans are likely already familiar with the Pocket Pop! series thanks to Funko’s representation of characters from AMC’s hit The Walking Dead being brought to life in tiny, adorable form in previous years after a successful line of TWD Funko Pop! figures which began their release in 2015. (We’re now on Series 5 Walking Dead Funko figures.)





By far, my favorite thing to come of this new series release are the Pocket Pop! Keychains. My only struggle is whether I want Ghost Face, Freddy, or Jason to keep my keys company.

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