Scream TV Series Premieres Tomorrow


Tomorrow, June 30th at 10pm – Scream the TV Series premieres on MTV. Yes, 19 years after the original Scream is back to terrify a whole new generation of slasher fans. Recently MTV released the first eight minutes of the new series (which you can find below) as a teaser of what is to come.

And? From what we can tell it looks? Pretty good. In the first 8 minutes alone the body count isn’t too shabby and it’s definitely updated to suit modern viewers (i.e. texts and videos versus land lines calls). Plus? The updated Mask is pretty creepy, even if I’m a bit nostalgic and would of loved to see the original make a come back. However one thing hasn’t changed, it’s bound to be packed full of people who obviously have never watched a horror movie in their life.

Check out the 8 minute teaser for Scream the TV series below and let us know your thoughts.


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