Kickstarting Horror: LA Macabre – Season 2

L.A. Macabre is an award-winning series that follows three amateur filmmakers Ryan, Colin, and Jamie and their show about the gruesome mysteries of Los Angeles’s haunted past. They decide to investigate an extinct Charles Manson-esque cult when they meet Callie, a former member who was raised in the cult; a world of “programming”, “creepy crawling”, and burying people alive in barrels. The first interview catches Callie in a lie and then strange things start to happen. A stalker. A murder. A kidnapping. It’s all just the beginning. 

Got your attention? Check out the first season on YouTube: LA Macabre.

To help make season 2 a reality, the production team turned to crowd-funding. As we know many of you enjoy seeing projects come to life like we do, check out and donate to the kickstarter fundraiser today. The deadline to meet the goal is TOMORROW – Thursday July 2nd – at 11:59pm PDT. 


Twitter: @LAMacabreTV

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