Shop ‘Til You Drop Dead: The UFO Party

Shop Til You Drop Dead - UFO Party

As one might have deduced from my pen name, I have a soft spot for UFOs, aliens, and all things X-Files. (All I have to say about the continuation is ‘GIMME!’) When I stumbled across The UFO Party on Etsy I was naturally curious. It was when I actually opened the shop that I absolutely FELL IN LOVE.



This, my friends, is a familiar shape to most of you. This delightful, cuddly little facehugger is ALSO therapeutic hot and cold pack for aches and pains. The small pillow is filled with rice, chamomile, and lavender to maximize relaxation potential, and the instructions online indicate that a short time in the microwave or freezer will have this little guy ready to soothe aching muscles and inflammation in no time. (The face latching onto is an added bonus!)



The UFO Party (aka Adrienne M.) also does jumbo-sized, regular pillows of VHS covers. The listing I linked above allows you to pick pretty much any movie that has a hi-res VHS cover design online into a giant, plush pillow. (A few samples they have for sale are VHS covers for Alien, Jurassic Park, and Howling III – but the options are limitless.) I, for one, can never have enough horror-themed home decor, so this is a delightful find! I’m excited to think that my Patrick Bateman and blood spatter pillows will finally have friends.custompillow

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