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Awaken (2015) is the first film written, produced, starred in, and cast by the obviously multi-talented Natalie Burn. Burn has been in a multitude of films that you’ve seen (Expendables 3BloodRayne: The Third Reich, The Fear Chamber), but this was her first crack at getting behind the scenes to write and produce a film where she would also play the lead role. (She shared some insight with me about that experience in my interview with her for Wicked Horror.) The lead role was actually originally intended to be a male, but I’m so glad she opted to play the role of Billie herself.

The basic premise of the film is that Billie’s sister has gone missing in South America. Billie, who has a background in Russian Special Forces combat, intends to try and locate her sister. Over the course of the pursuit, Billie is kidnapped and placed on an island with an assortment of others who are routinely hunted down by military-like operatives for reasons unknown to them (Hint: Organ harvesting. This isn’t a spoiler, it’s in the promotional materials online). Billie intends to escape the island and discover the truth about her sister, and her persistence will bring violence to the perpetrators of the bizarre scheme which is in continual need of fresh victims to awaken.

Although it’s toted as being a horror/thriller/action flick, the most horrific attribute is the fact that the organization is kidnapping people to harvest their organs. The blood and gore attributes that I tend to favor in horror flicks aren’t very far-reaching, so it’s a great movie for those who love action but who might not necessarily be horror fans. With that being said, it is an enjoyable action movie. Burn has admitted she’s a fan of Van Damme, Stallone, and other action heroes from days past (and present), and that is evident in the film.


I’ve you’ve been looking for a solid action flick with a strong protagonist you’ll have no shortage of those this summer, but I’d encourage you to check out Awaken. It’s currently available on VOD and DVD.

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