Kickstarting Horror: Savage Sistas


Women in trouble (usually at the hands of a psychotic killer) is a tried and true format in horror movies. Something a little less standard is those women in trouble taking control of the terrifying situation without the assistance of male characters. Even more rare? All those women being of color. That is a niche Savage Sistas has stepped up to fill and from the looks of it? Has done a pretty damn good job at. Dan Smith who both wrote and directed Savage Sistas is passionate about this flick, and in his own words states:

It’s the kind of horror film I’ve always wanted to see, with strong characters who actually make the right decisions and take the right actions… These women aren’t disposable cliches… they’re freaking awesome!”.

And we couldn’t agree more. Check out the teaser trailer for Savage Sistas below and if you feel like we do and want to see this film made? Head over to their official Kickstarter.  They offer some pretty awesome swag including copies of the film, and chances to be in the film yourself.

Plot: When four girlfriends from LA hit the road to Vegas for a weekend of fun they find themselves stranded on a desert highway and stalked by a mysterious highway patrolman. The nightmare is just beginning when they seek help from a family of locals at a nearby farmhouse and discover that the entire clan are psychotic killers, who make a sustainable living from trapping and killing unwary travelers. Relentlessly hunted by these vicious predators, there’s only one way out for these girlfriends… they’re got to kill to survive!


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