Review: Appetites (2015)

Appetitesappetites-cover struck me as interesting when I read the premise initially because it had many elements that I like in horror. The promise of action, gore, serial killers. . . Oh, and a young woman looking for true love. I guess that’s good, too? The synopsis should have tipped me off that this flick wasn’t typical horror fare, but since it sounded promising so I decided to give it a go.

Daisy is the all-American girl next door with a hunger for true love and an appetite for murder. Then one day Daisy meets the man of her dreams, only to discover that his own lust for killing might make her his next victim.

. . . Perhaps I shouldn’t have.

It’s difficult to tell exactly what audience Appetites is for. The film starts with a rape and beheading, features cannibalism, and a serial killer with a tattooed brunette fixation – so that nixes the typical rom-com or musical crowds on a multitude of levels. Oh, did I mention there are random music numbers? There are random music numbers. There is violence and nudity, but we are subjected to hearing Daisy (Lauren Parkinson) wax philosophical about love in her INTENSE southern drawl as well as hearing John Doe (Bret Roberts) sing bizarre songs about whatever happens to be going on at the time.

It’s one of those films that would fall into the “So Bad It’s Good” category if it didn’t seem to be trying so hard to be so bad. It’s M. Night Shyamalan plot twist bad if you try to watch it as a straight horror film. There are several points in the film that left me wondering if the movie was in on the joke the way the Sharknado franchise is. I would like to believe so, after all the leading man is named John Doe. Regardless of the film’s intentions, Roberts & Parkinson play their characters straight despite the fact that both Daisy and John are beyond larger than life.

To get an idea of their characterization, imagine if Ellie May from The Beverly Hillbillies was a cannibal, and early 2000’s Kid Rock was a serial killer. Then imagine someone filmed a horror movie not only with them in the same universe, but where the main focus of the story was about how the two were destined to fall in love.

Can you understand why I’m stumped as to who this movie is really for?

If you’re in the mood of a truly bizarre horror flick with excellent physical effects, a multitude of action sequences, and the weirdest “romance” you’ll see play out on film shy of a retelling of Leda and the Swan then please check out Appetites. You can find it on DVD & Amazon Instant now!


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