Supernatural: The Complete Tenth Season

Supernatural-season-10-DVD-coverAs of September 8th, the 10th season of the Winchester Brother’s journey is available on Blu-ray, DVD, & Digital HD and? It’s so worth it. The tenth season focuses on Dean’s battle with not only the Mark of Cain, but much like the biblical inspiration, the battle with his own brother Sam. Although one of the darker seasons of the series, it culminates with the release of the Darkness, certainly an evil the likes even the Winchester Brothers have not faced before. Avid fans will likely pick up their copy of Supernatural the Complete Tenth season based on principle, but regardless if you’re on the fence let us tell you it’s worth it for the extras alone.

The Blu-ray contains the behind the scenes of the filming of the 100th episode, with interviews from guest stars and Jared and Jensen themselves. In addition to this, you get a fantastic copy of the full 2014 Comic-Con Supernatural Panel, a documentary on the Supernatural fandom including several interviews with fans and best yet? You can watch A Very Special Supernatural Special as many times as you want and relive the past 10 years of incredible story telling that is the life of the Winchester Brothers.

But our favorite part of the Blu-ray? The gag reel. There are some amazingly hysterical moments that any Supernatural fan is going to go nuts for.

Episodes on the 4 disc Blu-ray include:

  1. Black
  2. Reichenbach
  3. Soul Survivor
  4. Paper Moon
  5. Fan Fiction
  6. Ask Jeeves
  7. Girls, Girls, Girls
  8. Hibbing 911
  9. The Things We Left Behind
  10. The Hunter Games
  11. There’s No Place Like Home
  12. About a Boy
  13. Halt & Catch Fire
  14. The Executioner’s Song
  15. The Things They Carried
  16. Paint it Black
  17. Inside Man
  18. Book of the Damned
  19. The Werther Project
  20. Angel Heart
  21. Dark Dynasty
  22. The Prisoner
  23. Brother’s Keeper

Head out to your local store, Amazon or Warner Brother’s Official Store to pick up your own copy – and keep an eye out on future episode reviews as soon as Season 11 premieres!

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