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pandie-suicidePandie Suicide is a 29 year old model, music journalist, and actress from New Zealand. Although she got her start on the infinitely popular Suicide Girls website, she has never been one to limit herself to one creative outlet. To this end, Pandie has made a name for herself by acting in a variety of projects ranging from short independent films to music videos. To add to her varied career, Ms. Suicide recently completed work on a horror short that is making its rounds through film festivals.

Although she has acted in horror before, this time around Pandie Suicide wrote, produced, cast, and starred in the promising slasher short film entitled Massacre. In the film, she plays a young woman who wakes up at the site of a grizzly mass murder. Initially she has no memory of what happened, but as the film progresses her memory gradually returns.

She was kind enough to speak with me regarding the project, and share a little bit about what we can hope to see from her in the future.

Gores Truly: You’ve obviously been acting, modeling, and writing for quite a while. I read that your first Suicide Girls spread went up in 2005, and you’re still working with them! Does Massacre signify a move away from modeling and toward film for you? (Whether as an actress, writer, producer, etc.)

Pandie Suicide: I don’t know if it necessarily signifies a move away from modeling and into film as they are both parts of the same whole to me at least, they come from the same place. But definitely I am working hard on the filmmaking as well as modeling and acting in other peoples’ projects at the moment, I am a bit of a workaholic, I always like to be creating, in whatever form that takes! But it’s certainly taking the form of making films at the moment ! Though I also have a novel up my sleeve I’d like to get finished and published soon and, well a million other things!

GTFor this short film you were the casting person, a producer, and the writer. What challenges did you face working on this? I’m sure it wasn’t easy to juggle so many roles.

PS: Definitely, there were a lot of challenges to face with getting this film made, as I think there are with all films, especially indie films. There were last minute locations falling through, personnel changes, having to find more money out of thin air because things always cost more than you think, date changes, crew changes, all kinds of things! There are a lot of challenges with making flicks but for me at least they are so worth it!massacre

GT: What is the most challenging part of creating something like Massacre?

PS: I think the whole thing was a challenge really, and I think that’s part of why I made it. You’ve got to challenge yourself in order to grow and experience things in life! It was an amazing experience though, I had such a great cast and crew. It was directed by Erik Boccio who is an amazing director who directed the music video for Pussy Riot’s ‘Putin Lights up the Fires’ and a ton of videos for under the name ‘Weirdfellas.’ We had Evan Pesses behind the camera doing stunning camera work. We had our wonderful actors, my rockstar co-stars Billy Morrison who is a guitar player for Billy Idol’s band, he played the role of ‘The Paramedic’, and London May who plays drums/ bass in Glenn Danzig’s band Samhain he played ‘The Detective.’ They were both so good in their respective roles. We also had Jeff Hilliard playing our unruly criminal type, Jeordie White and Rob Patterson making a cameo as cops and also co-scoring the music. We had actress Katy Foley playing a female police officer and lots of other great people involved like producer Damian Lea, and later in post-production, a whole New Zealand contingent who really just made our film look and sound so amazing!

GT: For your future projects Blood Bath and Teeth in particular – do you plan to perform multiple duties, or will you be sharing the reins?

PS: ‘Blood Bath’ is a short film that I’ve written the script for and will hopefully be going into pre-production for as soon as my current work debuting ‘Massacre’ to the world is done! Things aren’t confirmed for it yet as it’s still in such an early stage but I do hope to work with some of the same talented people I worked with on ‘Massacre’, though it’s all new characters in a new little horror flick. I’m planning to produce as well as play a role in the film too. For ‘Teeth’ it’s a little bit different as it is a TV show I’m developing, and television, as I have been learning, is a whole other animal! For that one the goal is to write, produce and play the lead role, but for that one I’m mostly likely planning to partner up with an experienced TV writer/ showrunner once it’s to the point of pitching and getting a pilot shot as that is what networks seem to really like. I would love to find an amazing female showrunner to work with though they are quite few and far between, we’ll see what happens! Ultimately it’s about what’s best for the show, but like everything I do, I definitely am not afraid to be involved in projects on almost any and every level! I just like things to get done and to create and get things made, and sometimes that’s just the best way to do that!

GTWhere can our readers find Massacre?

PS: The film just started its festival circuit, first off with its debut appearance at the Fantasmagorical Film Fest at Fandom Fest in Louisville, KY in August where it picked up an award for the soundtrack by the super talented Jeordie White and Rob Patterson which I am of course very stoked about! It also played this last weekend at the Horror Hound Weekend in Indiana where it was nominated for best short film. We are having our Los Angeles red carpet premiere screening party for it this week actually, on Thursday the 17th of September at Busby’s East! It’s going to be great, we’re showing a couple other shorts of a mix of genres, some which are by the same director, Erik Boccio, who directed Massacre, including the comedy western The West Files. If you want more info on that event you can check out our twitter or Facebook! We are also looking at the possibility of a digital release of the film online after its festival run, so stay tuned!

GTFinally – what advice would you offer to hopefuls who want to write, direct, produce, or act in our beloved horror genre?

PS: I think just get out and do it, that’s the best advice I have and advice I wish I’d followed myself even sooner! Life is so short, so do the thing you want to do. Don’t wait, start following your dreams today, no matter how small the step. Send the email, get the headshot, write the script, go to the audition,  take the class, make the phone call, do whatever it is you can do right now, even if it’s as small as a google search about the thing you’re trying to do, or watching a horror flick in the style you want to make, or reading a script or a book about acting, or going to a film festival and meeting some new people. Whatever it is do it and keep doing it, and eventually you’ll get your success. Just keep going, you can do it!

To keep up with Pandie Suicide’s next adventure and to get more details about the short film’s release you can follow her on Twitter  and Instagram @PandieSuicide. Check out the film’s Twitter @MassacreMovie.

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