Horror Cosplay: Samara from the Ring

Dragon*Con, an annual nerd mecca in Atlanta, GA was two weeks ago and a handful of us Murderhers were running around having a ball when we ran into Tom Trinh who was dressed up like Samara Morgan from The Ring. His intense attention to detail and absolute refusal to break character made him hands down the creepiest cosplay we saw all weekend. So as soon as the convention was over we had to chase him down and find out more about him and his horror cosplay.

GoresTruly: Tell us about yourself!

Tom Trinh: My name is Thomas Trinh. I am 26 years old and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. My education is in sculpture and printmaking. I work in the film industry as a set dresser and prop maker. Although, now I am working toward the talent side of entertainment. I am taking Improv and other acting classes to help facilitate that dream. Dragon*Con definitely is a wonderful outlet for art and expression.

GoresTruly:  And why you chose to cosplay as Samara?DSCN0364

Tom Trinh: It was actually an auxiliary costume to last year’s Halloween. I was originally making a Machete costume, but the vest never came. So, I had to rush the week of Halloween to put together something. A perfect dress and a substantial amount to arting later, Samara Morgan was born. I chose to play her at Dragon*Con, because I got lazy on my other costume ventures. I always liked the costume, but I fell in love with it at Dragon*Con. Once I realized people LOVED it and the character, I just embraced. I tend to like the acting part of cosplay more than the actual costuming, so from now on that will heavily play a role in my cosplay choices. Samara Morgan, is a fun character to play and gets an immediate reaction, she’s a cosplay slam dunk.

GoresTruly: Any tips or tricks you can provide to people looking to dress up like Samara?

Tom Trinh: The dress. Easy. Time consuming. The makeup. Easy. Time consuming. The magic is in the character and your conviction to playing it. I would not have gotten the reaction that I did, if I didn’t stay in character. People liked the costume, it wasn’t the best, but people LOVED the character and the fact that I never broke it. If you watch The Ring, Samara Morgan exudes a very uncomfortable ambiance, which is what creates the terror. Characters such as Jason, Freddy, or Leatherface need more action to create terror. More is less with Samara Morgan, all you need is presence.

GoresTruly: And last but not least – what is your favorite horror film?
Tom TrinhCabin in the Woods, but if want to talk shear terror, Mirrors. There was a long period of my life where I avoided looking in mirrors and reflective surfaces alike, there is just something about looking at your own reflection that is unsettling.

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