Halloween Craft Teeth Mallet

‘Tis the season to start prepping your homes and life for everything spooky and creepy for Halloween. One of our favorite things to do this time of year is follow the works-in-progress of people’s horrific crafting. Recently, we stumbled upon this grotesque albeit fascinating meat tenderizer made by Mike Rocco. And he was awesome enough to sit down with us for an interview! Check it out and some of his photos of this project below.


GoresTruly: Tell us about yourself!

Mike Rocco: Ever since I can remember I have always been a geek or nerd or weirdo , whatever the accepted vernacular is, whether it was comic books or movies superheroes or monsters, I loved them all. I especially loved making my self into them, using make up or cutting up a mask and modifying it. If I could get my hands on it , I would use it to scare someone.teeth-horror-1

GoresTruly: This is the most horrifying and amazing meat tenderizer we’ve ever seen. How’d you come up with this? Is there a back story?

Mike Rocco: This handy-dandy item popped into my head one day while I was talking to a friend who is in the horror prop business, I have been wanting to work with him and this was going to be my “resume” of sorts. For me, anything I teeth-horror-3make, whether it be a prop, a costume, or a weapon, I need to know why it is what it is. So once the hammer popped into my head I had to figure out who made it and why. A few things started to swirl around in my head and I imagined a very large man, who thru a genetic deformity or possibly inbreeding has a severely deformed lower jaw and almost no jaw muscles…let’s call him Delmer. Oh did I forget to mention Delmer has also developed a taste for human flesh? Yea, so there’s that. Well, he had to figure out a way for him to get the sustenance he so desperately needed, and they say necessity is the mother of invention.

GoresTruly: How’d you create it?teeth-horror-5

Mike Rocco: I love eBay. no seriously I do, if it exists you can find it on eBay . I did a search for “large wooden mallet” and came up with a few that I dug, but when I laid my eyes on this beauty I knew she was the one. After an exchange with the seller this 5 pound beauty was on her way to me. As for the teeth, well at first I though I was going to have to sculpt them, but then it dawned on me to do a search to “dentures” and lo and behold there they were, boxes and boxes of acrylic teeth just begging to be inserted into a large wooden mallet’s face * side note, looking for used teeth on eBay can be slightly creepy..you’ve been warned. After receiving both the mallet and the teeth I set out on my gruesome task, drilling and placing each tooth in a not so random pattern from the center out . trying not to make it too uniform but wanting it to still seem like it would actually stand up to use whenever Delmer was hungry. once i had all the teeth glued in place, I set out on making the little details that would give this piece its “ewwww” factor. The dried blood is simply red food coloring and soy sauce, brushed on randomly and left to dry , the “brains” are oatmeal and white glue mixed in with the food coloring then smear into a few choice places, torn bits of a latex glove fill in for pieces of flesh caught in between the teeth *don’t forget to floss , even your murderous mallet* and some strands of hair finish the over all gross factor

GoresTruly: Have you done other horror related projects or are you working on any more?

Mike Rocco: I am always working on something either horror, sci-fi, or comic related. I have done a few repaints and some fun costumes for friends.


Have a spooky craft or costume you’ve been working on? We’d love to see and feature it! Shoot us an email with some pictures to be featured on GoresTruly!

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