Kickstarting Horror: Shallow Water


It’s pretty clear we are huge fans of practical effects. So when we heard about Shallow Water, a film by Sandy Collora who is an award winning filmmaker and creature creator we were SO IN. Shallow Water takes place during a fishing trip to find the Sea of Cortez, a tiny mythical Island in the Baja peninsula. Unfortunately, when it is finally discovered, the fishermen learn why sometimes things are best left secrets. Shallow Water pits mother nature versus human nature, similar to many classic monster movies, but breathes new life into classic story telling with modern practical effects. shallow-water-kickstarter

Check out some information below from their official Kickstarter, which has a little over two weeks left to meet it’s goal.

“I hear people complaining about how the Hollywood machine is cranking out the same stuff OVER AND OVER, choosing economic safety over the creative art of filmmaking. I grew up on the original Alien and Predator films. I love them. But where are the NEW iconic creatures and characters? How long has it been since we’ve seen something truly unique and powerful in a genre film? Too long. If Hollywood won’t do it, I will. With your help, we can raise enough independently to crowd fund a great genre film. Maybe together we can even change the paradigm a little bit in Hollywood as well as break through a glass ceiling in the horror subcategory here on Kickstarter to the benefit of all horror fans now and in the future. “  — Sandy Collora

“With all the time I’ve spent in and on the water over the past 40 years, I’ve seen the impact man has made on the ocean environment firsthand. I’ve dedicated a lot of my time to helping preserve our ocean resources and manage our fisheries, in the hopes of keeping them sustainable for generations to come. “Shallow Water” embodies all this and is a perfect fit for me as a filmmaker.” 

Sound like your type of movie? Help get it made! Head over to the official Kickstarter for Shallow Water to show your support! They have some pretty sweet perks for donors, including digital downloads, production diaries, action figures, tickets to the L.A Premier and even? A full monster suit. 0_0


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