Horror Cosplay: Female Cenobite and McFarlane’s Dorothy

We here at GoresTruly Love horror cosplay – especially when it’s done incredibly well. Check out our interview with Erica from Fright Asylum on two of her horror costumes, and since it’s that time of the year maybe find some inspiration for your own horror cosplay or Halloween costume!

GT: Tell us about yourself! And what makes up your horror fandom.female-cenobite-2female-cenobite

Erica: I’ve loved horror movies ever since I can remember. Particularly zombie movies. The first one I saw was Dawn of the Dead. (there is only one.) I was hooked. I have a pretty large collection of horror movies, figures, props, posters, autographs, etc. I also co-host a horror movie review show called Fright Asylum. I don’t just love horror. I live it!

GT: Your costumes are stunning, and it’s the small details that absolutely make them for us. Tell us how you came up with your female cenobite costume, and if you don’t mind – a bit about how you made it.

Erica: The female cenobite was something I’d been wanting to do for a while. Not many people attempt a cenobite and I wanted to do something different. I actually didn’t make the costume. Truth be told I’m just learning how to sew. I want to be able to make my own costumes. Spellbound Stitches created the lovely female cenobite costume for me. Carlye Starr did a wonderful job.

dorothyGT: Your Twisted Dorothy is amazing and we love ourselves some McFarlane’s Monsters. Can you give our readers any background about how you put her together? And why did you choose to do Dorothy?

Erica: I wanted to do something I hadn’t seen done before. I’m a huge fan of the twisted fairytales Mcfarlane figures. Dorothy is my favorite. I have a large statue of her on my dining room table and I thought why not. I cant take credit for Dorothy’s creation. I contacted Three Muse Clothing and Brema Ebbing brought Dorothy to life. She did a great job and is currently altering the costume for me as I’ll be wearing her at Spooky Empire this October.

GT: What other horror costumes do you have up your sleeves or have you done in the past?

Erica: I’ve done Abaddon from Supernatural. That costume I put together myself. I had my hair stylist style the wig for me. I’ve also done Alice from the Resident Evil films. I put that costume together as well. I plan to costume the classic version of the Bride of Frankenstein. I’ve got some very talented people helping to bring her to life.

 GT: And of course we have to ask – what’s your favorite horror movie and why?dorothy2
Erica: There are so many great films to chose from that it’s hard to give just one answer. Evil Dead has always been a favorite of mine. I quote it at whim and annoy the hell out of people I’m watching it with as I say the movie line by line.
GT: If our readers would like to find out more about you and you work, wheres the best place to find you?
Erica: I’m on Facebook just like everyone else out there. Facebook pages: The Dead Girl and Fright Asylum

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