Attack on Titan Live Action Film

attack-on-titan-movie-reviewTomorrow, October 20th Attack on Titan Part 2 hits theaters nationwide and if you’re a fan of the manga or anime? It’s likely one you don’t want to miss. Months ago when I  saw the trailer to the Attack on Titan live action movie I may have fan girled. A whole bunch. And this September when Attack on Titan Part 1 was released and killed the box office it took everything I had not to rush out in see it. Knowing that only a month later Part 2 would be released I held out. And the wait? Was well worth it. I went into the Attack on Titan live action films with the highest of expectations. And  left kind of satisfied even if few of those expectations were actually met.  Follow me on this one. 

You see the Attack on Titan the movie, similar to the anime takes place in a post apocalyptic future where the survival of the human race is constantly at stake. Titans, monstrous fleshy almost human like creatures have taken over most of the land and the last surviving people are forced to hide their society behind walls in order to survive. However, beyond the general plot outline and a few specific character scenes, that is where the majority of similarities between the anime and live action movie end. The general atmosphere of the anime is very fantasy driven. The visuals are stunning, the city and characters unique and woven so meticulously into the story that it just feels like a completely separate universe. In the live action movie however the characters don’t benefit from the slow story building of the anime and are constrained by specific casting, so they don’t seamlessly mesh into the anime’s view of the world. That being said they do however fit perfectly in to Attack on Titan if you view it as more of a horror movie. And considering the amount of violence and Tokusatsu approach to the monsters, it’s safe to say Attack of Titan the movie works far better as a horror film than it does as a fantasy movie. And if you go into with that expectation – you won’t be disappointed. Not totally anyways.

The use of Tokusatsu kaiju like monsters just works for Attack on Titan making it a good stand alone monster movie. Keep in mind Attack on Titan is brought to you by Shinji Huguchi (Gamera) and Toho (the studio responsible for Godzilla) thus the Titans are modern day gruesome throw backs to classic man-in-monster suit films. Pair that with some visually stunning filmography? BEST. That being good and well, let me say it again. Attack on Titan is a great stand alone monster movie. Luckily a majority of the  first movie is dedicated to them, so if you’re not a fan of the film’s departure from the anime’s story line you’ll still enjoy the smash and devour aspect of the film (I mean who doesn’t love seeing monsters destroy a  city!?). The second movie didn’t deliver as much Titan as the first, which will make it a little harder to get through for the die hard anime fan.


Without spoiling major plots points, Attack on Titan is really not a bad movie if you completely ignore the source material it’s supposed to be based on – Attack on Titan. It has monsters. It has drama. It has beautiful costumes and imagery. It has gore. It has a story, even if it’s a bit jumbled and not really as inspired. But it doesn’t have anything really to do with the anime and manga. So be prepared when going into it.

Attack on Titan Part 1 and Part 2 is really a full on monster horror flick very loosely based upon a really really great anime. Very, very loosely. But that doesn’t make it un-enjoyable on its own.

Planning on seeing Attack on Titan on 10/20? Let us know what you think! Or new to Attack on Titan in general? Then be sure to check out the movie then head over to Funimation and watch out the anime. You won’t be disappointed.


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