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‘Tis the season for giving, right? Or maybe it’s screaming? Anywho. We’re rounding up lists of Halloween “must-sees” as chosen by horror movie streaming sites and today, we bring you a selection from FrightPix, the free streaming service dedicated to horror flicks.

It’s Halloween season. While to some, this may mean nothing but pumpkin spice lattes, hayrides, rugby shirts, and mass Instagram posts of all of the above usually in pumpkin patches. But to us at FrightPix, it means one thing – scary movies. So get your candy and popcorn ready – it’s time to Trick or Stream.

Jack O’Lantern


We’re going to start our Trick Or Stream journey on a high note – and by that we mean, with a good old fashioned campy classic, Jack O’ Lantern. Jack O’ Lantern is the perfect film to get you in the holiday spirit. It has everything you could want in a Halloween film- low budget effects, blood, scantily clad Halloween costumes, pumpkin carving, and evil forces taking over said pumpkins! Without giving too much away, Film Monthly claims Jack O’Lantern has a “plot that somehow manages to be fantastically original and alarmingly derivative all at the same time.” So obviously, you don’t need us to start watching this one immediately.
The CollectorTheCollector_421x316 Next on our Trick or Stream journey is a film from the masterminds that brought you Saw, Marcus Dunstan’s The Collector. The Collector is so much more than your typical slasher film. In fact, it was so twisted, it was intended to be a prequel to Saw. Arkin O’Brien (what a name) is a former convict who now works as a handyman for your typical suburban family, the Chases. In order to pay a debt to his ex-wife, Arkin plans a heist at the Chase home. Fast forward a few hours and Arkin is unexpectedly introduced to the The Collector, a masked figure who already planted a series of death traps into the home. The Collector take the game of Life into a whole other dark level, and will definitely make you think twice about going to your boss’s house for dinner…
The AtticAttic_421x316 If you are feeling creeped out, threatened, or generally in a horror-movie situation, never go to the attic. It’s a terrible plan, always. Emma Callan (played by Peggy Olson herself, Elizabeth Moss), is not aware of this rule to live by, and goes into the attic of her new home. There she finds another girl who looks exactly like her. And then bad things happen. Really, really bad things. With a stellar supporting cast including John Savage (The Deer Hunter), Alexandra Daddario (True Detective) and Jason Lewis (Sex and the City), The Attic plays on all of your fears of a creepy new house, and then some, leaving you shaking, shrieking, and seriously thinking of putting a lock on your attic door.
The Womanthewoman Acclaimed horror director Lucky McKee takes the term “finders-keepers” to an entirely new, dark, and sadistic level in his film The Woman. After premiering at Sundance, people were so terrorized by what was on the screen that they actually left the screening screaming. In fact, IndieWire named The Woman the most controversial film that premiered at Sundance in 2011.  The Woman who everyone keeps referring to is the last remaining member of a cannibalistic tribe who roamed the North-east coast for years. A country lawyer, Chris Cleek, captures the Woman while out hunting. He then brings the Woman home to his family in an attempt to “civilize” her, in some of the nastiest ways possible. And then the Woman gets free, and then…well we won’t spoil things. The Woman definitely has all things scream worthy for Halloween.
The Last ShowingLastShowing_Xbox_421x316 Everyone’s favorite slasher star, Robert Englund, takes on an entirely new role in the film The Last Showing. Englund stars as Stuart, an 80-year old concession stand worker at a British movie theater who loathes the current film world. Stuart, fed up with his place of employment and how they treat him and his precious movies, decides to take revenge. Stuart captures a young couple and begins his quest to make his very own horror flick. Freddy Kreuger would be so proud of you, Stuart.

Seen any of these flicks? Let us know what you thought!

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