Kickstarting Horror: Bad Neighborhood, an Extreme Horror Anthology


This time I’m writing from a unique perspective. Rather than just telling you about a cool Kickstarter, I’m the one behind it. A little self-serving? Definitely. However, since the project is 100% horror-themed, I wanted to share it with our readers. After-all, with 29 different pieces from writers and poets, you’re bound to find something you like. The project was originally going to be a splatterpunk book, but when the submissions I got were less splatter-y and more general extreme, I opted to lean that way. It’s going to be a wonderful book, and I’m looking forward to the release in December.

Before you click over and watch the video (I apologize in advance for my flu-voice), here’s a bit more info from the description:

I’m a fan of splatterpunk as well as horror in general, and I wanted to revive the beloved genre which is known for taking matters to the extreme. (You can read a great article by my colleague at Wicked Horror Nat Brehmer on Why Splatterpunk Should Make a Comeback here.) This publishing project started out as a labor of love, but being a starving artist myself I believed that writers and creatives should be paid for their work, which turned this project into an investment.

Alas, even exclusively horror genre publishers I pitched the concept to seem to want to stay away from anything that tests the limits too much. Calls for papers repeatedly include phrases which suggest authors should limit themselves and shy away from violent or gross horror. I received many submissions whose cover letters were riddled with doubt because the author had been told that their content was too graphic or was not a good fit for weak stomached publishers. Depressing! As horror films continue to test the limits of what is acceptable and not, it seems only fair that written horror should have the same capability!

That is what prompted me to start Spooky Words Press. Being spooky has been synonymous with being weird or different while erring on the side of frightening for as long as I can remember, so it was the obvious choice for a publishing name.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my Kickstarter. If you don’t have the funds to support (just $1 will still be a great help!), please share the details with other horror fans you know.

The ebook is just $4, less than the cost of a large beverage at a certain not to be named coffeehouse chain, so take a chance and support this wonderful project. The more I’m able to make back, the faster I can start another publishing venture. (And who doesn’t want to see more spooky, creepy, horrifying books on their shelves?)

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